Erik Jaeger

I am 45 years old and married, and my husband is also my dance partner. We live in Chicago with our Boston Terrier named Winnifred. I work in Marketing for the US division of HARIBO (yes, gummi bears). I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I studied German, French and Business at Indiana University and Middlebury College for undergraduate, and I have an MBA from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management in Germany. I moved from Chicago to Berlin in 2002 for work, staying until 2015. I met my husband in Berlin, and we started dancing lessons. After social dancing lessons for 6 years, we joined one of the 2 same-sex focused dance sport clubs in Berlin and decided to concentrate on International Standard. Our first competition was the Pink Jukebox trophy in London in 2011. Since then, we have competed in many European competitions, as well as the Gay Games in Cleveland. We moved to Chicago in 2015, again for work, and we kept up with the dancing. We now train at Dance Center Chicago and are getting familiar with the US competition calendar.